Dear members of the IAG section Feed Microscopy,
It is with great pleasure sending you the best wishes for 2022!

Please read this letter from Dr. Geneviève Frick

Dear members of the IAG section Feed Microscopy,

WFSR has decided to organise one PT this year, the one on animal proteins. This is due to the situation of my retirement this year. Future strategies for PT organisation have still to be worked out. Please find attached the invitation letter and the application form. The time schedule is tight, so the closing date of Friday February 11th is strict.

The IAG proficiency test for animal proteins is in particular important for official control labs and private labs which are not part of the NRL network or national networks for proficiency testing of the detection methods for animal proteins. The current list of e-mail addresses for sending invitations is certainly incomplete, and I will invite you to distribute this invitation in your own network of contacts .

Looking forward to receive your application.


As there was the first ONLINE-election of the IAG-Board this year during the annual IAG-Meeting some important changes occured:

First: We have to thank Renate Krull-Wöhrmann for her excellent expertise on the regulatory affairs. She leaves the board because of new challenges!

Second: We welcome to new members of the board: Julia Dietz from SGS – Germany and Manuela Zadravec from the Croation Veterinary Institute

Third: We thank Genny Frick for being our president for another 4 years, Roland Weiss for overtaking the part of the website manager, Jerome Vancutsem for overtaking the Regulatory Affairs and last but not least Leo van Raamsdonk who will still be our scientific officer for one more year until he will retire in 2022.

As there is a lot of work still waiting to be done the IAG audience wishes the new IAG-Board “Good Luck!”


The next annual meeting of IAG section Feed Microscopy will be held in June 2022.

Together with MasterLab (Nutreco) the IAG-board will cordially invite you to join the next annual IAG-meeting – again organized by MasterLab in the Netherlands – As the organization of this future meeting is just in the beginning information about the place and location will be published in time.
Take this great opportunity to meet your colleagues, to participate in exchange of information and discussions on relevant issues of important areas of microscopy.

Many thanks again to MasterLab (Nutreco) for the invitation – hopefully a face to face meeting – we will see!

IAG Newsletter 2020!

Although with a big delay, the Board of IAG section Feed Microscopy is pleased to present the Newsletter 2020. Notwithstanding the hurdles of last year, some interesting items are included.

Newsletter 2020 Section Feed Microscopy

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