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The board of IAG section Feed Microscopy whishes you, your families and your colleagues a very nice Christmas and a successful HAPPY NEWYEAR 2020!



The next annual meeting of IAG section Feed Microscopy will be hold on:
Tuesday 8th of September to Thursday 10th of September 2020. Together with MasterLab (Nutreco) the IAG-board will cordially invite you to join the annual IAG-meeting – organized by MasterLab in the Netherlands – The organization of this meeting is just in the beginning. Information about the place and location will be published as soon as possible! Take this great opportunity to meet your colleagues, to participate in exchange of information and discussion on relevant issues of an important area of monitoring. The official invitation letter by our colleagues of MasterLab and the official agenda of the IAG-Meeting will be published by time.


Newsletter 2019 - arriving soon!

The board of IAG section Feed Microscopy is glad to present soon the IAG Newsletter of 2019. We will encourage you to distribute this Newsletter to other colleagues or institutes in your own network.


Restart of the new IAG-Homepage in spring 2020!

As decided in the last IAG - annual meeting in Stade (Germany) the building of the new IAG Homepage is now in progress. There will be a completely new look, a new design with new contents and actualized data. Pictures with a higher quality are still in work. The text of the single topics and the IAG-Logo will be actualized and revised. There are a lot of changes which requires a lot of time so that it is foreseen that the new Homepage will go online in spring 2020



Blood meal

The microscopists of the IAG are your experts for microscopical tasks in feedstuff!