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UPDATE IAG Annual Meeting 2021 - NEW DATE!

Dear colleagues!

First of all, we hope that all of you are still healthy.

In this very special year of Covid-19 the majority of the meetings are already postponed. Because of the Corona pandemic and the different situations in the different countries and at least because of the question of our members to postpone the meeting to next year (thanks for your responses on this side!) the board of the IAG together with the organizers decided on behalf of the health of our IAG-members that there will be no IAG annual meeting this year!

BUT we are glad to present the invitation of Nutreco - which is still valid - so that we can start to organize the meeting in Boxmeer (The Netherlands) in 2021! -

Dear all,

Because we postpone the meeting from 2020, MasterLab – Nutreco will be glad to organize the meeting in September 2021.

You are all welcome at Boxmeer!

Proposed date: Tuesday 7th – Thursday 9th of September 2021

Best regards,


Therefore: Save the date for the next annual IAG-meeting:

-> Tuesday 7th – Thursday 9th of September 2021 at MasterLab - Nutreco in Boxmeer! <-

Many thanks to Jos Zegers and MasterLab - Nutreco in the name of the IAG Board and in the name of all our members!

Further informations will be distributed by time!

Wish you all the best - stay healthy!

with best regards,

Geneviève Frick, president IAG feed microscopy



Because of the Corona-Pandemic WFSR - our Partner in organizing the IAG-Proficiency-Tests - has decided that laboratory processes will continue on a minimal basis as pressed by the quarantine measures. Several activities has been postponed, which might result in a higher work load later this year. An evaluation of the options for organising the Spring part of the IAG Section Feed Microscopy has revealed that organising this in Autumn is highly unsecure. Therefore, the spring PTs will be cancelled.

    2020-1: Animal proteins, 4 samples: cancelled.
    2020-2: composition, 1 sample: cancelled.
    2020-3: ergot sclerotia, 2 samples: further information will be distributed.

We will keep your intended participation and are planning to use this overview as basis for the 2021 schedule.

for the IAG

Leo van Raamsdonk (IAG-Scientific Officer)



The board of IAG section Feed Microscopy is glad to present you the Newsletter for 2019.

Please download here: Newsletter 2019 IAG section Feed Microscopy final.pdf

There is much reading on interesting topics, but this is readily available in the Newsletter. We will encourage you to distribute this Newsletter to other colleagues or institutes in your own network.


IAG Proficiency-Test 2020!

For this moment we will also ask your attention for the programme of Proficiency-Tests you can find in the IAG-Newsletter 2019 at page 12 - you will also find the application form enclosed:

Please download here: Application_form IAG 2020.pdf



The next annual meeting of IAG section Feed Microscopy will be hold on:
7th - 9th September of 2021.
Together with MasterLab (Nutreco) the IAG-board will cordially invite you to join the annual IAG-meeting – organized by MasterLab in the Netherlands – The organization of this meeting is just in the beginning. Information about the place and location will be published as soon as possible!
Take this great opportunity to meet your colleagues, to participate in exchange of information and discussion on relevant issues of an important area of monitoring. The official invitation letter by our colleagues of MasterLab and the official agenda of the IAG-Meeting will be published by time.


Restart of the new IAG-Homepage in spring 2020!

As decided in the last IAG - annual meeting in Stade (Germany) the building of the new IAG Homepage is now in progress.

There will be a completely new look, a new design with new contents and actualized data. Pictures with a higher quality are still in work. The text of the single topics and the IAG-Logo will be actualized and revised.
There are a lot of changes which requires a lot of time so that it is foreseen that the new Homepage will go online in spring 2020



Blood meal

The microscopists of the IAG are your experts for microscopical tasks in feedstuff!